Bird Bath Safety for Wild Birds and People

Provide safe drinking and bathing water for birds, and prevent the spread of West Nile Disease.

(PRWEB) May 8, 2005 -- Birds require water for drinking and for maintaining feathers in top flight condition. A backyard bath provides a great source of water for wild birds. However, birdbath owners need to ensure that the bath is kept clean for birds’ health, and the bath does not become a breeding ground for potentially dangerous mosquitoes.

Sharon Dunn, President of Duncraft, Inc., is a long-time backyard birding expert and a stickler for keeping bird baths clean. “Bath water should be replaced every day or two to prevent the build-up of minerals deposits, stains and organic contaminates.” she states. She suggests adding a non-toxic water cleaner to the bath water as well. “Duncraft carries several inexpensive cleaners that reduce unhealthy water conditions and restore water clarity. Our Birdbath Protector is a liquid additive, and our Disposable Birdbath Water Cleaner is an easy-to-use drop-in.” Both are available at

Moving water draws birds into the yard like a magnet. Misters, drippers and fountains can also help prevent the spread of West Nile disease. Moving water breaks the surface tension of water which mosquitoes rely on to hatch eggs – moving water drowns eggs and stops the breeding cycle. “I highly recommend our Mister Dripper Combo. Set it to a delicate dripping action one day – and to a refreshing mist the next. Also, the Water Wiggler is a fantastic new idea. This battery-operated gadget fits inside the bath and quietly agitates the water. And it sells for under $20!”

Bird baths and larger areas of water can be safely treated to eliminate mosquito larvae. “If it’s not convenient to add a device to your water source to create movement, we suggest you treat the water with a safe, non-toxic larvacide. Our Mosquito Dunks and Mosquito Control Packets are so easy to use – just toss directly into the water. Both solutions contain a larvacide that targets mosquito larvae.” These and other eco-friendly mosquito control products can be found at

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