Burrowing Rodents; a New Problem

(PRWEB) April 27, 2005 -- Recently there has been a lot of noise in our industry about rodent control methods especially in burrowing rodent control. It seems like every few days there is some new idea that is going to eliminate all your rodent problems and be so easy you will forget its work. I guess I shouldnít be so surprised Iím probably not the only one who hears 15-20 times a day that if I will only send my credit card information this lab or that company will send me a magic bottle of pills or potion that will give me a tan athletic body even if I live on fast food, bon-bons and soda pop in thirty days or less!

After spending over two decades in the rodent control business and spending my share of money on electric gadgets, pills and potions looking for the quick fix, it has become clear that the only answer to controlling burrowing rodents lies in 1- persistence, 2- the proper tools for the job, and 3- a program that utilizes all the tools at your disposal. Oh yeah did I mention persistence.

Back in the late 90ís when I first saw the Rodex burrowing rodent elimination system at a local farm show my first thoughts were itís loud, itís cool and it looks like fun. My next thought was I wonder how long would it be before it was collecting dust in a back corner of the shop with all the other gadgets I had spent my hard earned money on over the years. I picked up some of their literature and listened to the salesman give his pitch he was going on about how it was the newest technology and would eliminate all my burrowing rodent problems, I tuned out after about thirty seconds.

Over the next few months however I kept going back to the literature I picked up that day and thinking about the results we use to get with simple explosives like the cherry bombs the counties provided in the past for gopher and ground squirrels and trying to picture how much more effective the concussion would be from a mixture of oxygen and propane injected throughout the burrow system before ignition. Needless to say I bought my first Rodex system that year. After discovering the SK500 Rodex cart (a very convenient and easy way to move your system to the job and any other heavy things you need moved) we added a Rodex system to each of our field crewís arsenals where it has become a staple in our battle against burrowing rodents. We are now able to treat chemical sensitive sites such as parks and schools without worry of secondary poisoning.

A few years later the Rodex company changed away from the slick pitchmen that try to convince people that the product they are pushing is the only thing youíll ever need, to a more mature company focused on helping the end user obtain the best possible results with their rodent control programs.

A short time ago the opportunity arose for me to become part of the Rodex Company. I was all for it. Now with over 65 years combined experience our staff at Rodex would like to help you set up a rodent control program that really works, so if you are an end user already or looking to expand your arsenal in the fight against burrowing rodents we at Rodex would be happy to help any way we can. From repairs of older or off brand systems to setting up new users interested in starting a rodent control business or just getting better results from your current program. We are here to help you.

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/4/prweb233261.htm