Flies be Gone by MonsterFlyTrap.com- Building a Better Fly Trap for Protecting Families and Businesses Against Disease Carrying Flies

Flies be Gone is a powerful non-toxic, safe and effective alternative for eliminating disease carrying flies naturally. Designed for individuals and business that are concerned about the health of their families and patrons during the peak fly season. It eliminates the risks of using toxic pesticides that could harm humans and animals while protecting themselves from the spead of diseases that flies spread.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 19, 2005 -- Mosche the Flymaster of MonsterFlyTrap.com is at War again, a War against disease carrying flies.

Fly Season is upon us again. With the start of summer just around the corner and outside activities increasing, concerned families and businesses alike will once again have to deal with the onslaught of those pesky little insects and the terrible diseases they carry.

In the past, individuals and businesses had little choice in combating against this annual mass invasion. Every year their choices were limited to using pesticides containing toxic chemicals, messy and unsightly fly strips or in-affective and noisy bug zappers that need constant electricity.

With the development of Flies be Gone by MonsterFlyTrap.com, individuals and businesses now have a better and safer alternative for fighting back.

Flies be Gone was designed to solve multiple problems once and for all.

First- By using a safe non-toxic bio-mass bait that attracts flies to it like bees to honey it eliminates the need for dangerous chemicals that could harm both humans and animals. Once captured the flies die naturally.

Second- It was engineered to be compact but capable of eliminating a large numbers of flies for over a long period of time. In fact, one football sized Flies be Gone trap can hold up to 20,000 flies and will last up to a whole month. One trap also protects an area up to half of a football field.

Third- It requires no power so that it can be used virtually anywhere outdoors. No more worries about where to plug-in a bug zapper again.

Flies be Gone has been proven to be so effective and economical in controlling flies that it has been selected for duty with our US Armed Forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the USA.

As Mosche the Flymaster states "18 Billion Flies Can't be Wrong". If Flies be Gone can't eliminate them nothing can.

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