California EPA Approves Exosex CM, Exosect's Codling Moth Mating Disruption System

Exosex to offer US growers the opportunity to reduce overall quantity of inputs on the crop and in the environment, whilst still maintaining good yields.

(PRWEB) June 3, 2005 -- Exosect, a leading UK technology company in environmentally conscious insect pest control, today announced the California EPA’s decision to give regulatory approval to Exosex CM Auto-Confusion (Codling Moth pheromone mating disruption system) on apple, pear and walnut crops in California. This follows the recent approval of this product by the USA EPA.

John Chandler, Managing Director of Exosect stated, “We are delighted to have secured this product registration with the USA. It offers us the chance to bring to the market an entirely natural system for Codling Moth control, thus providing growers with an additional Integrated Pest Management technique. Exosex CM is equally as valid for organic growers as well as growers that want to reduce their dependency on insecticides. We have to thank California EPA for taking the time and a pragmatic approach towards this type of biological crop protection technique in California.”

To follow this registration, Exosect has a programme of efficacy field trials for 2005, which will take place in Hood River Valley, Oregon in collaboration with Allison Walston of the Mid-Columbia Agricultural Research & Extension Center.

It is generally recognised that the US is the largest and most important region for the use of biological systems in crop protection and accounts for over 40% of the estimated annual worldwide market of $310m . Mating disruption product sales worldwide are growing at over 10% per annum with current estimates in 2002 at 400,000 acres (160,000 hectares) worldwide on apples and pears and more than half a million hectares in other fruit, row crops and in forestry. In conjunction with other IPM techniques, a reduction in the number of insecticide sprays per year from an average of 12 down to 6 will have a very significant impact on the financial and environmental costs.

The worldwide Exosex field trial programme in 2005 will involve over 30 collaborators conducting a total of 60 trials, on 21 different species, in 21 countries. A high proportion of these are to the relevant regulatory standard, which will feed into a pipeline of further approvals in major worldwide markets.

Exosect is keen to discuss with growers and crop protection companies based in California opportunities to support field trial demonstrations on apples, pears or walnuts.

This registration accompanies previous US EPA registrations for this product for use on Tomato Pin Worm, Peach Twig Borer, Oriental Fruit Moth and Grape Berry Moth. New applications are planned for the USA for the following four pest species: Diamond Back Moth, Navel Orange Worm, European Corn Borer, Omnivorous Leaf Roller.

Key features and benefits of the Exosex product line include:
-System contains only approved food grade products and specific insect pheromones, most of which already have regulatory approval
-Internationally tested against a wide range of economically important agricultural, forestry and amenity pests
-Widely adaptable for use for insect pest management where specific pheromones are available
-Fewer stations required than current mating disruption techniques, 12 as opposed to 200 – 300 per acre.
-Easy to set up.
-Pest specific - pollinators and predators are unaffected.
-Reduced pest management costs in lower pheromone dosages and reduced labour.
-Fully compatible with Integrated Crop Management (ICM) and Pest Management (IPM) Programs.

About Exosect
Exosect Limited was formed in 2001 to commercialise innovative pest control technology developed by Professor Philip Howse OBE during his 30 years at the University’s School of Biological Sciences. Prof. Howse remains as Exosect’s Technical Director. Focussing primarily on R&D, Exosect has developed a range of delivery systems based on the concept of electrostatic and bio-magnetic attraction. Specialising in environmentally acceptable pest control products, markets include crop protection (agriculture and horticulture), forestry and amenity landscape, public health, animal health and the consumer sectors. It is a member of the Commercial Horticultural Association and many products have been awarded organic standards certification by Organic Farmers & Growers Ltd. More on Exosect:

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