FertiGator releases Mojo®, the Ultimate Fertilizer for Lawns and Gardens;” Eco-friendly Formula Grows Deeper Roots, Repels Pests, Saves Water

Nurture your lawn and garden, with safe 24/7 protection from pests like mosquitoes, fire ants, grubs, gophers, and deer while using 50% less water with Mojo®, an earth-friendly formula from FertiGator.

St. Charles, MO (PRWEB) May 31, 2005 -- Fertigation Technologies, Inc., manufacturer of FertiGator™ advanced lawn and garden treatment products and solutions, today announced the release of Mojo®, an eco-friendly, all-inclusive lawn & garden formula blend of FertiGro™ premium fertilizer, soil surfactants, bio-stimulants, and pest repellents. Using Mojo® with the patented, automatic lawn fertilizing dispenser, FertiGator™, results in beautiful, healthy lawns, deeper roots, fewer pests, and reduction of up of 50% water usage over traditional methods.

- Having the healthiest, greenest lawn in your neighborhood
- Safely repelling mosquitoes on your property (and deer, moles, fire ants, grubs, or any other lawn pest)
- Having all these benefits using only natural, earth-friendly solutions
- Saving thousands of gallons of water per month
- Being in total control over your lawn treatments, without lifting a finger
- Saving money

That’s FertiGator™ with Mojo. Feeding and protecting your lawn 24/7. No work, no worry, all Wow!

According to Joshua Siskin, landscaping expert and editor of Home & Garden section for the Los Angeles Daily News, “FertiGator™ is clearly leading the way in fertigation technology. The technique of fertigation, executed with FertiGator™, applies precise, frequent, diluted nutrients to landscapes and keeps plants green and healthy just like a constant, healthy diet is beneficial to people.

Recent research at Cal Poly Pomona and the University of Florida has shown that organic polymers known as soil surfactants, as found in FertiGro Mojo®, injected into the irrigation system both speed water infiltration into the soil and retard water evaporation out of the soil. This means that less water is lost to runoff during irrigation and that once water reaches the soil it stays there longer. The overall result is extraordinary water savings. University studies show that where soil surfactants, as found in Mojo®, are injected into the irrigation system, water application can be reduced by up to 50 percent or more compared to application of water alone.”

Fertigation Technologies CEO, Craig Lashmet states, “There are heightened concerns over harmful chemical and pesticide use in landscape maintenance, and diminishing water quality and availability in the world. The release of Mojo® continues our leadership in advancing the lawn care industry’s growth and quality, and addressing important issues such as water conservation, environmental purity and safety solutions. Mojo® represents the highest quality of lawn treatments available anywhere in the world. Our customers are thrilled with high-performance, low-maintenance lawn care that saves water, and repels mosquitoes, gophers, grubs, and other nuisance lawn pests, automatically.

"Using Mojo® with FertiGator™, the only patented, controllable, fertilizer and supplement distribution device, provides the residential homeowner with state-of-the-art technology, care-free, automated lawn and garden care, and 24/7 landscape protection at most affordable prices. We believe there is simply no better way to fertilize and treat residential lawn and gardens.”

Mojo® is commercially available worldwide from FertiGator partners found on our website, www.fertigator.com, select retail garden centers and distributors, and directly from FertiGator.

About FertiGro Mojo

FertiGro Mojo® is the latest in the line of FertiGator’s premium liquid fertilizer line, FertiGro™. Just say “Mojo” with any of our FertiGro™ fertilizer formulas, and get the Ultimate in lawn care treatments.

FertiGro Mojo® TLC: “Total Lawn Care” 18-2-5 is an all-year fertilizer with a perfect blend of nutrients for your lawn. Especially high performance during Spring and Fall seasons.

FertiGro Mojo® TSC: “Total Summer Care” 6-0-12 contains less nitrogen for hot, Summer months, or anytime you want less growth, and increased potassium to improve the hardiness of the lawn during the Summer.

FertiGro Mojo® TGC: “Total Garden Care” 11-8-5 is perfectly formulated for the garden, flowers, and trees. It contains extra phosphorus and a full package of essential micronutrients for beautiful flowers and plants.

The “magic” of Mojo® is found in blending our pest repellent, soil surfactant, and bio-stimulants to produce the “Ultimate Lawn & Garden Formulas”. Mojo® contains our Repels®, an all-natural insect and lawn pest repellent with proven results in repelling mosquitoes, fire ants, grubs, deer, moles, gophers, rabbits, and even armadillos. Mojo® contains our Conservit®, a soil surfactant that conditions the soil to allow water to soak deep into the lawn regardless of poor soil, maximizing water dispersion to lawn and garden root systems. Mojo® contains our Enhance®, a bio-stimulant supplement to improve the soil health and optimize nutrient absorption resulting in develop deep, strong, root systems. It is a perfect solution to properties with clay or sandy soil.

About Fertigation Technologies and FertiGator™
Fertigation Technologies, Inc. and FertiGator™ is a leading edge manufacturer providing advanced lawn care solutions to the residential and commercial marketplace. They provide patented products allowing homeowners a carefree, all natural way to fertilize and treat their lawns through irrigation systems, while saving up to 50% in water usage. FertiGator™ also provides proprietary fertilizers and supplements that provide total lawn care, water saving properties, and all-natural repellents for pests as diverse as mosquitoes, fire ants, moles, and gophers.

Fertigation Technologies is headquartered in St. Charles, MO, and is reachable via 866-344-2867, and its website, www.fertigator.com.

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