Get Rid of Mosquitoes and Guard against West Nile Virus Using Mojo™ with FertiGator™

Significantly reduce Mosquitoes and West Nile Virus potential with Mojo™ “24/7” Landscape Protection, A Safer, Earth Friendly, & Low Maintenance solution from FertiGator Effectively repels Grubs, Fire Ants, Deer, Gophers, Ticks, too!

St. Charles, MO (PRWEB) June 13, 2005 -- Fertigation Technologies, Inc., manufacturer of FertiGator™ advanced lawn and garden treatment products and solutions, today underscores the all-natural lawn pest repellent benefit of the recently released FertiGro Mojo™, an earth friendly, all-inclusive lawn & garden formula blend of premium fertilizer, soil surfactants, bio-stimulants, and pest repellents.

Mosquito season is in full force, as is the accompanying West Nile virus carried by these irritating insects. For decades, mankind’s answer to mosquito misery has been to spray “toxic insecticide chemicals” to kill or retard large populations of mosquitoes. Unfortunately, millions of mosquitoes are born each day in areas of infestation, and “insecticides” used are not consistent in coverage, and are often as potentially toxic to humans as they are to the mosquito.

Gardeners have found effective all-natural mosquito repellents with garlic and other plant oils; however, this approach required frequent applications via manual spraying resulting in an inconsistent solution. Given man’s lack of application discipline, and no means of wide area spray coverage, this approach has not been widely embraced by the masses.

FertiGator solves the Mosquito Problem.
FertiGator brings a proven, consistent, controllable application of lawn care formulas through its various automatic delivery devices. Our new lawn and garden formulas, Mojo™, contains all-natural lawn insect and pest repellents that provide effective, persistent Mosquito prevention each time you water your lawn or garden via your irrigation system, or a new solution using a standard hose spigot water source is also available. Mojo™ is also effective in naturally, safely, repelling ticks, fire ants, grubs, moles, gophers, deer, and many other lawn and garden pests.

How it works: Each time you water through your irrigation system or garden hose, FertiGator applies a controlled, consistent application of Mojo™ to protect you from mosquitoes. Mojo™ coats the leaf surface of the grass, ornamentals and lower leaves of the bushes & trees with natural garlic, and other natural ingredients which repel mosquitoes and other lawn pests from the area. It creates an invisible, eco-friendly, odorless barrier repelling mosquitoes present on your landscape, and preventing entry of mosquitoes from neighboring properties. Mojo™ is odorless to humans and pets, but not to the mosquitoes and other insects.

A mosquito’s sense of smell is about 10,000 times better than a human’s; they are able to locate humans through their detection of carbon dioxide given off by humans and animals. Mojo™ masks the carbon dioxide odor so they can't find you and seek nourishment elsewhere. And, because Mojo™ is distributed in a frequent, consistent method, each time you water, you don’t need to think about it. FertiGator does all the work, automatically protecting your lawn and garden 24/7.

Using Mojo™ with the patented, automatic lawn fertilizing dispenser, FertiGator™, results in beautiful, healthy lawns, deeper roots, fewer pests, and reduction of up of 50% water usage over traditional methods.

That’s FertiGator™ with Mojo™. Feeding and protecting your landscape 24/7. No work, no worry, all Wow!

Fertigation Technologies’ CEO, Craig Lashmet states, “Homeowners, government agencies, and industry experts report increasing concerns over harmful chemical and pesticide use in landscape maintenance, and diminishing water quality and availability in the world. The release of Mojo™ continues our leadership in advancing the lawn care industry’s growth and quality, and addressing important issues such as water conservation, environmental purity and safety solutions. Mojo™ represents the highest quality of lawn treatments available anywhere in the world. Our customers are thrilled with high-performance, low-maintenance lawn care that saves water, and repels mosquitoes, gophers, grubs, and other nuisance lawn pests, automatically. Using Mojo™ with FertiGator™, the only patented, controllable by lawn area, fertilizer and supplement distribution device, provides the residential homeowner with innovative technology, care-free & earth friendly lawn and garden treatments, and 24/7 landscape protection at most affordable prices.”

Mojo™ is commercially available worldwide from select retail garden centers and distributors, FertiGator partners found on our website, and directly from Fertigation Technologies.

For Pest Repellent Application Only: If you desire to only prevent mosquitoes and other lawn pests without the accompanying fertilizer and soil conditioners, the Company also sells the all-natural pest repellent supplement, Repels™ as a standalone product for use with FertiGator distribution devices.

About Fertigation Technologies and FertiGator™
Fertigation Technologies, Inc. and FertiGator™ is a leading edge manufacturer providing advanced lawn care solutions to the residential and commercial marketplace. They provide patented products allowing homeowners a carefree, all natural way to fertilize and treat their lawns through irrigation systems, while saving up to 50% in water usage. FertiGator™ also provides proprietary fertilizers and supplements that provide total lawn care, water saving properties, and all-natural repellents for pests as diverse as mosquitoes, fire ants, moles, and gophers. Fertigation Technologies is headquartered in St. Charles, MO, and is reachable via 866-344-2867, and its website,

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