Did a New Zealand Author Predict the Devastating Impact of Foot and Mouth on the New Zealand Economy?

The current foot and mouth scare in New Zealand may have been forseen by at least one fiction author.

(PRWEB) May 12, 2005 -- Jane Flowers is the New Zealand author of "Blood of the Sacred." Published by Woryn’s Books Ltd, in late 2004 stated in this thrilling novel that “the disease was probably planted in the UK by one of the African nations. To kill the economy of your country (New Zealand) that’s all it would take. Economic war without a shot being fired.”

In an interview today, Jane Flowers, the author said that she did not predict foot and mouth being an economic shot across the bows for New Zealand, but believed that Foot and mouth would potentially have a huge impact on the largely agri-based economy of New Zealand no matter where it originated. “Including this comment in my book was deliberate. Coming from Africa I was familiar with the disease and the British outbreak alarmed me. With a background in dairying in New Zealand I was aware of the huge contribution livestock farmers make to the economy. Foot and mouth here will simply be devastating.

The book has not sold many copies, as my first book, which went out of print, finally led me to form my own publishing company. Self-publishing is expensive and rarely leads to recognition as an author. Fact based fiction is a difficult market worldwide and I have limited resources. However, whilst I cannot raise any happiness at the thought that I may have “predicted” a foot and mouth outbreak, it is still satisfying that what is basically a fact-based novel, could see a realistic conclusion. I hope with all my heart that this really is a hoax as mentioned on TV3. I would not wish an outbreak on any country.”

"Blood of the Sacred" ISBN # is 0476010377 and may be ordered through the national library catalogue.

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/5/prweb238737.htm