Big Foot And Yeti

Big Foot, Yeti and Sasquatch are all mythical giant apes, not know to be real or
fake. The giant animal stands seven to nine feet tall and weighs between 600 and

900 pounds. The United States Big Foot ranges all over throughout the

Northwestern part of the US The Yeti is a giant ape thought to dwell the areas
around the Himalayas, at a town called Katmandu by Mount Everest. And finally
the Sasquatch is the giant ape thought to roam throughout Canada. These three
creatures are all basically the same mythical creature for the exceptance of
being in separate areas of the Earth.. There is little known information on
these animals, but there have been many sighting. Through that scientist are
frequently getting information on Big Foot and sighting, daily. This increases
there knowledge of this hidden phenomenon. Scientific Evidence on Big foot
" Footprints are one of the few pieces or hard scientific evidence, that
tells scientist that there must be a Big foot out there" says Scientist

Roger Patterson. Footprints are really the only hard evidence of Big foot
because photographs can be staged, faked, or hoaxed. A real footprint would
match all the other reports of big foot prints. Since most of the Big foot
imprints are usually the same size they cannot be just simply staged. That is
why there are many cryptozoologic scientists that believe that big foot is
definitely not false. In a effort to prove that big foot is in fact real, many
experts continue to try to find hard, solid, scientific evidence to prove the
theory of the big foot legend. Sightings of Big foot, Sasquatch, and Yeti

Although there have been many, many big foot sightings, most of them are not
actually real at all, but there are the exceptional few that are said to be
true. People have been reporting Big foot sighting in the US and Canada since

1884. Big foot got it's name "bigfoot" from a road crew working in

Northwest California in 1958. Nighttime work at the work site attracted a big
visitor, which the road crew nicknamed "Bigfoot" They threw gasoline
tanks all around the site to try to keep the giant ape away and it did in fact
leave. When the workers looked throughout the perimeter, they found giant
manlike footprints all over. This Big foot incident became national news.

Sasquatch is actually a Big foot creature that lives throughout Canada. It has
been seen primarily around the Western coast of Canada, but there have been a
few Sasquatch sightings in the central area of Canada. Many native Americans in
that area have seen this giant animal "Sasquatch" as a god in there
culture and society. They have been worshipping this mythical ape for hundreds
of years. Many sighting have been reported in Canada and the search for

Sasquatch continues, in the science world. Sightings of Yeti have been very
abundant throughout Nepal and the Himalayas. The first believable report of

Yeti, was in 1925 when a Greek photographer, N.A. Tombazi, was pointed out a
creature moving around at some lower slopes of the mountains. The strange animal
was around a thousand feet away in an area with an altitude of 15,00 feet. The
strange animal looked much like aa human, because it walked upright and it
occasionally stopped to pick some wild mountain berries. Tombazi knew that it
was in fact an ape because it showed up dark against the snow in the area. That
meant that it had to be an ape of some sort. When he told the townspeople of

Katmandu they told him that that was the giant ape Yeti. It is also a sort of
worship, to the people of Katmandu. Probability of Big Foot Existence Many
scientist's say that there is a very small chance of Big Foot existence. The
reasons for that decision it the fact that man, keeps moving into uninhabited
parts of the country. Because of that many experts feel that even if there was a

Big Foot, somebody would have caught it on film, or actually taken a Big Foot
photograph that wasn't a hoax. 98 percent of all Big Foot pictures or films, are
proven to be a hoax, and or trick photography. The other two percent can not be
figured out, but they can also not be proven to be real. Because of the great
interest in the myth of Big Foot, many people might feel good if they try to
make a fake photo of this ape. Because of the Big Foot phenomenon in this
country, experts feel that there's no chance of any Big Foot or giant, hairy,
manlike creatures in North America. Conclusion In conclusion Big Foot, Sasquatch
and Yeti are all myths, and or great creatures that have been worshipped by many
different types of people throughout time. These animals are a big part of this
world because people are fascinated, and they're awed by this marvelous
creature. Although many scientists say that there is no chance of a giant ape to
be out there, some people still have a lot of hope. These myths are all unsolved
mysteries of the world. Will we ever come up with a definite conclusion or truth
when it comes to the existence of the Big Foot? We will only learn more as time
progresses. Until then the humans of the world remain intrigued, and confused
about what to believe.