MultiTest – A New Range of Tension and Compression Test Frames

A particularly cost-effective method for evaluating quality of manufactured products, components or materials is by measuring response to applied tensile or compressive loads. Mecmesin has announced the launch of ‘MultiTest’ a range of motorised test stands for tension and compression testing in industrial quality control laboratories.

(PRWEB) April 25, 2005 -- Mecmesin has launched ‘MultiTest’ a comprehensive new range of motorised test stands for tension and compression testing. A system based upon one of these stands, a force gauge or loadcell, and appropriate fixtures and accessories can be used to measure:

- ‘pull-off’ resistance of crimped electrical connectors
- peel strength of induction-sealed foils and adhesive films or labels
- characteristic forces and deflections of switches and keypads
- top-load strength of bevcans, PET bottles and other containers
- insertion and withdrawal forces of connectors, fasteners, blades/needles – or corks
- performance of compression springs, tension springs and spring assemblies

The basic MultiTest range, with a suitable capacity BFG (Basic Force Gauge) or AFG (Advanced Force Gauge) forms the basis of a budget-priced system where a single maximum force needs to be captured. Such a system would, for example, be ideal for capturing: the failure force of a crimped electrical joint, the force to initiate peeling or tearing of a seal, sliding of a film, or the collapse of a container. MultiTest systems with a frame capacity of 1000N or 2500N are available.

The MultiTest–x range feature console-controlled machines, with load, displacement and crosshead speed being displayed. System features include: dynamic zeroing, running to load, length, time or break, loadholding and averaging. A facility for creating simple programs, with up to five test routines being stored is also provided. Such a system is particularly suitable for testing: springs, plastics, rubbers, elastomers. A MultiTest-x system can be used in environments unsuitable for a PC. MultiTest-x systems with a load capacity of 1000N, 2500N and 5000N are available.

The MultiTest-i range can be fully-controlled by Mecmesin’s powerful, flexible and user-friendly ‘Emperor’ software. Quality engineers and packaging technologists will find this materials testing system particularly useful for developing sophisticated test procedures and analyses to suit their particular requirements. MultiTest-i systems are available with load capacities of 1000N, 2500N and 5000N.

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