Cenergies Unlimited Launches the Cent-@-meter

A home and office energy savings device that can save up to 20% on electricity bills by displaying energy spending in real-time. The cent-@-meter™ also shows greenhouse gas emissions so that by understanding the damage to the environment, the consumer is able to cut their energy usage on several levels.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) March 24, 2005 -- With the United States experiencing record high energy prices and with the approaching summer heat, the U.S. is sorely in need of a simple device that monitors spending on electricity and puts valuable information in the hands of the individual consumer. The cent-@-meter™ is just that device.

The cent-@-meter™ is a simple to use, wireless monitor that displays a home or office’s total energy spend in real time. When an appliance, air conditioner or even a light bulb is turned on, the cent-@-meter™ immediately senses the increased energy load and displays in real-time the resulting cost and kilowatts per hour being consumed. It can even display the amount of green house gas that is attributed to the current energy consumption. Armed with this information, the consumer finally has a simple way to monitor and effectively conserve electricity, save dollars and reduce the burden on the environment.

Kent Nelson, President of Cenergies Unlimited, a distribution company that specializes in energy saving and “green” devices states: “Over time, the cent-@-meter™ builds a keen awareness of what things cost to run and thus encourages conservation. We’re excited about the cent-@-meter™ because with a little effort, it can have a real impact on the customer’s electric bill.”

The cent-@-meter™ also is equipped with an alarm that can be set to sound when consumption exceeds a preset limit, as well as a digital thermometer and humidity sensor, all packaged in an attractive case that measures about four inches square.

Nelson also notes the energy auditing capabilities of the product “Essentially the cent-@-meter™ enables the consumer to isolate individual appliances such as a refrigerator, electric dryer or air conditioner compressor and accurately determine how much energy each are using. It is then simple to compare that existing appliance to modern, more efficient units and to make an informed decision as to whether it makes sense to invest in a new Energy Star rated product. You’ll be shocked at how much more you’re spending using that 20 year-old dryer.”

The cent-@-meter™ is available for purchase at $130.00 by calling 877-227-2922 or online at www.cenergies.com where more information about the product is available. The cent-@-meter™ is also available to wholesale customers. The cent-@-meter™ must be installed by an electrician. Cenergies Unlimited has partnered with Mr. Electric, a nation-wide electrical service company for installation if desired.

Contact information:
Sarah Binion, Marketing Director Cenergies Unlimited 512.530.2545
Cenergies Unlimited
9501 Cargo Ave, Suite 100
Austin, Texas 78719

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/3/prweb220851.htm