Slide4less, LLC Digs Deep for Best Price on Best Powerboards

The electric skateboard is a highly complicated machine that, in many ways, is still in its technological infancy. After all, it is not easy to build a powerboard with flawless remote control and regenerative braking, which can also withstand the blows of a standard skateboard during normal use.

(PRWEB) June 18, 2005 -- Because the fledgling electric skateboard market is so fluid, manufacturers often seem to come and go, leaving behind them a host of whacky deck designs, spit-balled electronics, and trippy trucks…but mostly a lot of useless boards that do not work. This on-going consumer uncertainty is why California-based Slide4less, LLC ( and consistently offers the best prices on the world’s finest and tested electric skateboards, with a full refund backing them up.

The Slide4less team does not take skateboard manufacturers at their word (as in, ‘Yeah, this board works great!’). They pull the boards out of the boxes and ride them all around downtown Oakland more than once, giving each design an honestly thorough ‘real-world’ experience.

“This is the only way to know we are selling only top-quality powerboards, which work out of the box,” said Slide4less partner, Darren Romar. “Customers don’t want to take a financial risk of up to $500 unless they know they will be getting the real deal. It is part of the overall package we offer the consumer – using our own, personal knowledge of riding these boards to provide an honest, unbiased recommendation so the customers know what they’re getting in advance.

“These powerboards are definitely risky because they are high-speed performance machines, but we feel this risk should be spent atop the board, not in deciding whether or not to purchase one,” he added.

Clearly, a select handful of electronic skateboard manufacturers take the market seriously and strive to make top-quality products that work consistently, including the Bay Area’s Exkate and E-glide of Southern California.

Both Exkate and E-glide consistently produce high-quality boards with exceptional functionality and precision remote control. These board lines are offered at the best prices anywhere through Slide4less, LLC. Call (510) 832-2429 for more information.

First-time buyers and experienced powerboard enthusiasts alike will enjoy a wide selection of Exkates from Slide4less, including the ‘granddaddy’ of electric skateboards, the X-24 ($999) and the more affordable but equally reliable Raptors from Exkate at under $500.

The Raptors are Chinese-manufactured and offer similar high performance and flawless, wireless remote control with regenerative braking, while they retail for less than half the price of the ‘granddaddy.’ Select from the Raptor 4.0, a 40-inch longboard with 400-watt motor for $499, or the more portable Raptor 3.0, featuring only 28 pounds of total weight with a 250-watt motor and plenty of power for $399.

“Exkate makes the only truly functional wireless remote control,” notes Slide4less partner Steve Steinberg. “The price of the Raptor makes these boards really attractive to a range of powerboard enthusiasts.”

Crossbow, Inc. is currently releasing a new line of E-glide boards designed to capture the ‘tethered’ remote control boards. E-glide is the most affordable alternative in the electric skateboard market, ranging in price below $300.

“Although the ‘tethered’ remote may feel a little strange to first-timers, the boards are exceptionally reliable and the control is smooth, with plenty of uphill pulling power for average-sized adults,” Romar said.

“On the Exkate line, the Raptor 4.0 and 3.0 are using duplicate electronics of the X-24, meaning they are much more reliable than the first few units we tested and we are confident in their continued high performance,” he added.

Standard Exkate and E-glide boards are available right now through or by calling (510) 832-2824. Customized boards are also available from the expert staff at Slide4less. Consumers can also visit the showroom and take a free powerboard test ride at 212 International Blvd., (rear warehouse, off Second Avenue) in Oakland.

Warning: These electric skateboards are designed to be high-speed, extreme machines and should be operated with extreme care. Interference from overhead high-voltage wires can interfere with operation under certain circumstances. We recommend operation in a wide-open area that has limited signal interference. Motorized skateboards are illegal on many public roads. Owners of these boards assume all risk of operation. Helmet, gloves, leathers, and a healthy dose of common sense are highly recommended.

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