A Different Way to Look at Fossil Fuels

Geology company makes fossil fuel kits for energy education.

(PRWEB) February 6, 2005 -- Everyday, the world uses up large amounts of fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum crude oil and natural gas for energy. These energy resources took a very long time to make in the earth so that they are non-renewable resources that will one day run out. Thus, it is very important to appreciate, conserve and learn about fossil fuels since we depend so much on them. Most information that is learned about fossil fuels comes from the many different books out there that can be read on this subject along with different articles in business, industry and academic journals.

However, a geology company called "ONTA" is trying a very different and more direct hands-on approach to fossil fuel energy education. This is being done by their making of fossil fuel kits that consist of different geology specimens such as rocks, minerals and fossils that relate to fossil fuels. Some of the kits that they make are called the "Fossil Fuel Kit", "Coal Carbon Kit", "Hydrocarbon Kit" and "Petroleum Kit".

Thus, what makes this company different from other companies that deal in geology specimens such as rocks, minerals and fossils is that they only specializes in fossil fuel specimens from all over the world and that they are helping to make different hydrocarbon specimens into desirable, acceptable and collectible items like all of the other kinds of rocks, minerals and fossils that are collected. So far, the greatest interest in these kits has been from individuals, businesses, companies, teachers, schools, professors and universities.

For more information on these kits, visit www.onta.com by clicking on this link.

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/2/prweb205602.htm