Accelerate Your Globalstar Data Connection with EXPRESS DATA! and itís Free with Most Plans

Wholesale-Telecom is pleased to announce the availability of Globalstarís Express Data, a data compression service that allows customers to send email, access the Internet and transfer files more quickly and efficiently over the Globalstar network.

Littleton, CO (PRWEB) June 25, 2005 -- Express Data is a subscription- based service that utilizes "optimization techniques" to allow users to send email, transfer files, and browse the Internet more quickly and efficiently over the Globalstar network. Express Data would be able to emulate data speeds of up to 56Kbps, compared to the current 9.6Kbps speed. This service will be accessible for both Direct Internet (#777) and Dial-Up data users.

Express Data is ideal for customers who want to send basic emails, transfer files, or browse the Internet faster from remote areas across all industries via the Globalstar satellite network. Customers will be impressed by the speed, affordability and ease of use of this service. Globalstar requirements are: -
Globalstar GSP-1600 Handheld Phone or GSP-2900 Fixed Phone with version
5.2 or higher phone software version
- Globalstar Data Kit or Globalstar Vehicle Kit
- Express Data software (can be downloaded from the Globalstar website or the Data Kit Installation CD Version 1.2)
- A Globalstar airtime price plan
- Subscription to Express Data service

Express Data is free to current and potenetial customers on the following price plans:
- Freedom 150
- Freedom 500
- Freedom 1400
- Freedom 4000
- Liberty 1800
- Liberty 6000
- Liberty 16800
- Liberty 48000
- Skyline 120
- Skyline 400
- Powerline 1250
- Powerline 3000

Express Data is being offered to all other monthly price plans at $9.95/month over and above the current monthly service fee. For annual plans not listed above an annual fee of $119.40 will be charged.

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