Battery Doctors Develops Environmentally-Friendly Method of Reusing Batteries

Battery Doctors, a division of ProTec International, is working around the globe to keep batteries out of our landfills and waterways by selling the business of reconditioning batteries with environmentally safe products. Through the sale of the Battery Doctors business, ProTec International’s contribution to the environment increases with each year.

(PRWEB) February 18, 2005 -- Protec International and their global division, Battery Doctors, have worked to institute over 400 battery reconditioning divisions worldwide to keep batteries out of our landfills, water systems, and other areas at risk for contamination. Although batteries are known for their toxic materials, Battery Doctors has developed a successful and environmentally safe method to recondition batteries for reuse.

Batteries, especially large, commercial, lead-based batteries, allow lead, other toxic heavy metals, and acid to pollute the environment once they are discarded. These harmful materials are dangerous for people, animals, and the environment in general. Since most of the Battery Doctor business involves lead-based batteries, which are among the most hazardous, environmental concern is paramount.

Everyone needs batteries—a plus for Battery Doctors owners. Since they are always needed, the business is practically unscathed by a slow economy. This business pervades nearly every aspect of commerce, which provides for a huge market that includes everything from automobiles to farming, construction, medicine, boating and industry, just to mention a few.

“The market for battery reconditioning is huge. Batteries are needed in nearly every business and industry, the demand is high. Businesses throw away batteries that can be reconditioned everyday.

Battery waste is one of the most destructive hazards to our environment. Battery Doctors has developed environmentally safe products to put into batteries making them functional again. The longer batteries last, fewer new batteries are manufactured and fewer end up in our landfills,” says Marc S. Keith, Director of Product Development for Battery Doctors.

If you would like to learn how you can contribute to saving the environment and gain profits by starting your own successful division of Battery Doctors, visit or call 1-800-357-4003 for free information and advice.

Battery Doctors does not simply recharge or rebuild batteries. As a Battery Doctor you would not even have to take apart the battery for it to be reconditioned. Batteries run out of energy primarily because of sulphation buildup on the battery plates, but Battery Doctors has a way to rid the plates of this buildup. A small amount of a chemical called ProBat™, only available through Battery Doctors, is poured into the batteries. ProBat is an environmentally safe, non-acidic, non-hazardous product. The battery is then charged, prepped, and ready to work again. Each battery that is saved is one less, lead-acid battery polluting our environment.

Anyone can start their own environmentally-friendly business of reconditioning batteries. Since the chemicals used by Battery Doctors divisions are exclusive to Battery Doctors and are not sold in stores, there is almost no competition, and that is one of the reasons why the battery reconditioning business is so successful. With hundreds of divisions worldwide, the system is proven and ideal for entrepreneurs or even those looking to make extra cash.

Discarded batteries can be found or picked up from almost anywhere. Common places are auto dealers, repair facilities, junk yards, lube and oil stores, truck stops, industrial buildings, etc. Many people share the same concern for our environment and are happy to give their discarded batteries to a Battery Doctor. And with the Battery Doctors process, they can be reconditioned and resold for high profits. This allows active recycling of batteries that would otherwise be discarded and harm the environment by polluting soil, water, or even directly affecting humans or animals.

About Battery Doctors
Since 1988 Battery Doctors and ProTec International have been developing environmentally safe products for commercial needs. They now serve more than forty countries and can be found on every continent, licensing and marketing the high-demand business of battery reconditioning. ProTec International is a member of the World Trade Center and has been awarded many grants and honors from U.S. Governmental Agencies, and with each year their contribution to the environment grows through their Battery Doctors Divisions.

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