Cash for Your Cell Phone? Who Would have Thought

Yesterday it was Aluminum Cans...but today it's Cash for the Cell Phone.

(PRWEB) February 16, 2005 -- You can still get dollars and cents for your aluminum cans but today there's something about your used Cell Phone that makes more cents!

It's called: "Online Cell Phone Recycling" And it's becoming more and more common.

Many folks are begining to enjoy the convenience of online Cell Phone Recycling by simply visiting a website where they can enter the make and model of their cell phone, request a free postage paid box, send in their cell phone and have a check mailed back to them.

It still stands that we can do good for the environment and make some spare change while we're at it.

Oh yes, it's very wise to recycle that used cell phone for rather than just throw it in the dumpster. Cell phones and landfills don't mix.

In fact, Cell phones can contain heavy metals and toxic materials that can leach into the ground. But now it's completely avoidable with these nifty little internet companies that recycle them via a pre-paid postage box.

For more information on recycling a used cell phone visit

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