Handling Problems When Conveying Bulk and Powdered Materials Are Still Evident But Can Be Reduced By Adhering to Good Design Principles

Handling problems when conveying bulk and powdered materials are still evident but can be reduced by adhering to good design principles. This will always improve operational efficiency. This seminar will address the introduction of new British Standards, methods of feeding, carrying and discharging materials, conveyor plant safety, reliability, operation and successful plant upgrading.

(PRWEB) May 22, 2005 -- Presentations include "Know Your Material" by Lyn Bates, Managing Director, Ajax Equipment Ltd.
The behaviour of bulk solids takes a multitude of forms and many types of operating difficulty can arise if the all the various attributes of the material are not taken into proper account. A thorough understanding of the inter-relationship between the quantitative and qualitative factors of significance of the product, equipment, environment and operation is needed in order to establish an optimum design for solids handling equipment to give efficient and troublefree

The discussion will include a review of the IMechE 'Guide to the Specification of Bulk Solids for Storage and Handling Applications', the recent British Standard BS8438 'Properties of Bulk Solids' and the British Materials Handling Board 'Glossary of Terms in Powder and Bulk Technology'. These publications highlight crucial features of significance that should be considered. Cases studies and examples will also be discussed.

"Conveyor Belt Properties and the Relevance of Current Standardisation Work" by Brian Rothery, Head of Development and Quality Assurance, Fenner PLC
The paper will examine the need for conveyor belts to have the required blend of mechanical and safety properties. Recent developments in standardisation will be discussed including the work behind the introduction of BS EN 12882 and its relevance to the Machinery Directive. Details of other ongoing work within the CEN and ISO conveyor belting committees will also be presented.

"Innovations in Variable Speed Conveyor Control" by Stephen Barker, Marketing Manager, Siemens Automation & Drives Plc
Over the last few years great improvements in variable speed drive technology have occurred which can provide significant benefits in conveying applications. In addition to the technological advances, additional requirements in system design also need to be correctly considered in order to offer regulatory compliance and optimum system performance. This paper seeks to explain the technical innovations, highlight the necessary system design constraints and provide guidance on the best practice application of VSD's in conveyor applications.

Other presentations include:
- "Opportunities for Improved Conveying"
- "Spillage Prevention"
- "Asset Management of Large Coal Conveying Plant"
- "Conveying the Safety Message"
- "Unique Applications of Troughed Belt Conveyors"

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