Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal Lamps Naturally Improve Well-Being and Indoor Air with Ions and Beauty

Salt lamps have gained considerable popularity in homes and businesses across Asia and Europe for the healthful ionic benefits and warm, soothing light they bring. This is a fast-growing trend in America now, and we'll explore some of the reasons why this Himalayan salt is so unique and helpful to sufferers of asthma, allergies, migraines, fatigue, and much more.

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) February 7, 2005 -- Well-known as the "Salt of the Earth", Himalayan salt crystal is over 250 Million years old and is essentially the captured bio-photonic content from a pristine time in our planet's history. As ancient primordial oceans dried up because of climate change, this salt is what was left over. Through hundreds of millions of years of intense heat and pressure from tectonic plates shifting in "continental drift", the Himalayan salt was crystallized. From that very ocean, life began on our world; it is often considered the "soup of life" - if this is the case, then Himalayan rock salt crystal is the broth...the "bouillon cube" if you will. Within Himalayan salt can be found all 84 elements which comprise the human body and has been found to improve wellness and bodily functions with regular use.

Table salt is completely unwholesome and the proven cause of numerous health issues. Common rock salt and sea salt, while a natural and better alternative to iodized sodium chloride, lacks any real benefit similar to Himalayan salt. None of the kind of ionic health benefits resulting from placing one of our beautiful rock salt crystal lamps on your desk, next to your bed, in the den or living room, waiting rooms, spas, salons, restaurants, or yoga and meditation studios. People notice the difference. Ionicsalts.com has done product shows for the public and noted immediate results from asthma and allergy suffers who stand "in the zone" looking and speaking with us. Testimonials received make a compelling case for the effectiveness.

Study after study indicates the great effects of these lamps and salt crystal products. For speleotherapy, salt crystal lamps are preferred tools by bringing the underground climato-therapeutic element of some of the world's more well-known and larger salt mines; such as the Solzbad-Salzeman mine in Austria, Seiged salt mine in Romania, the historical Polish Wieliczka mine, Nakhichevan mines in Azerbaijan; and of course, the ancient Khewra salt mines in the Himalayan foothills of Pakistan. The Khewra salt mines have a known history dating back to the time of Alexander the Great (327 BC). This wondrous resource is about 125 miles south of Islamabad and 150 miles west of Lahore, Pakistan.

Salt lamps are effective. Experts in Feng Shui, speleotherapy, halotherapy, reiki, ayurveda; as well as holistic, homeopathic, and natural medicine researchers and aficionados are quickly learning how powerful and unique lamps of salt crystal are. This Himalayan salt applies universally in various forms of new age and alternative medicine.

Interior design and home decor is accented by the ambience and soothing light that salt lamps offer. Ionicsalts.com offers exclusive, carved pieces as well as candleholder, natural salt lamps, and custom salt crystal sculpture for those with definitive or special tastes. Pleasant, aesthetic designs and shapes that bring energy and well-being naturally - not just by design are now readily available online.

Whether it's a rejuvenating spa-experience at home with Himalayan bath salt crystal, a beautiful salt lamp as an addition to a home or business, or looking for a lamp sculpted by your design....please see the folks at Ionicsalts.com.
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