Indoor Air Quality in the Home Now Affordable With the Announcement of the Novabreeze UV Air Purifier Line

New germicidal ultraviolet light technology can reduce microbial contaminants in residential and commercial space. The new Novabreeze line of air purifiers is effective and affordable.

(PRWEB) March 31, 2005 -- Novapure Systems Inc. announced new products in its “Novabreeze” product line, available immediately for residences and commercial space where the control of indoor air quality is a concern. The new Novabreeze models use Novapure's proven germicidal ultraviolet light and cold catalyst technology to control microbial contaminants, such as molds, bacteria and viruses, and airborne chemical contaminants.

The new models feature higher power germicidal ultraviolet light output, which gives increased efficacy against airborne microbial contaminants, solid state circuitry and sturdy metal housings with advanced lamp stabilization – very important in ducting and air conditioning units.

“We are very pleased with the feedback we receive from satisfied customers. People with allergies, asthma and multiple chemical sensitivities tell us that the Novabreeze air purification system has reduced their health symptoms and even allowed some to reduce or eliminate some of their medications. The new models broaden our offering and will allow our dealers to install systems in a wider array of furnace, air conditioning and duct configurations”, states John Pink, President of Novapure. Pink adds, “The new models feature improved design and higher power – all at an affordable price.”

There are four new models of Novabreeze UV Air Purifiers, comprising single and dual lamp units. The most powerful of the new models (the most powerful residential UV air purifier on the market today) features dual high output lamps that are particularly well suited for air conditioning installations, where germicidal ultraviolet light has been long proven to keep air conditioning coils free of microbial contaminants and pathogens. Once a Novabreeze has been installed in the air conditioning system, there will no longer be a “dirty socks odor” emanating from microbial growth on the air conditioner coils.

According to John Pink, more new models will be introduced shortly. “These are exciting times in the indoor air quality business, as public awareness of sick building syndrome increases. We continue to develop new products to address the problem of indoor airborne contaminants.”

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About Novapure
Novapure is dedicated to developing solutions for the improvement of Indoor Air Quality. We offer a line of germicidal ultraviolet light (UVGI) air purification devices including Novabreeze indoor air quality control products for homes and commercial environments.

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