Robert A. Cameron & Associates Announces a Pre-employment Assessment Tool that Evaluates Integrity and Work Ethic

How often have you hired someone only to find out they have a poor work ethic and a lousy attitude? This leads to morale issues with other employees, customer dissatisfaction, costly employee turnover, legal problems, and, often, theft of company assets. The Step One Survey ll pre-employment assessment will help you screen out those people, before you hire them.

(PRWEB) May 6, 2005 -- Robert A. Cameron & Associates offers employers a pre-employment assessment tool called the Step One Survey ll that will help them screen out people with a poor work ethic and a lousy attitude. This scientifically validated assessment will pick out the “bad apples” that might otherwise slip through a normal hiring process. This remarkably effective employee assessment takes only 20 minutes to complete and reveals the true character of a job applicant.

Hiring expert, Robert Cameron, states, “It never ceases to amaze me how candid people are when they take this assessment. They will admit to stealing from employers, selling illegal substances in the workplace, getting fired and so on. They certainly wouldn’t offer up that information on their resume or job interview!” He goes on to say, “With the use of a distortion factor measurement we can even tell when someone is trying to manipulate the results of the assessment.”

It has become increasingly difficult to legally ask questions that help you evaluate a candidate’s integrity. The Step One Survey ll meets all DOL and EEOC guidelines and gets you objective information on the candidate. This ensures that you cannot be charged with a discriminatory hiring practice. The assessment generates a report that includes suggested legal questions to probe further in to problem areas.

The Step One Survey ll is available online from Robert A. Cameron & Associates, Weston FL, a Strategic Business Partner of Profiles International. Mr. Cameron works with employers to help them enhance their selection, hiring and development of employees with use of a suite of employee assessments. They can be reached at 954-385-8701 or visit their website at

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