Eau-Non Introduces Watertight Shower Liner System

Snap! seals any shower liner watertight, yet it opens and closes like a shower door.

(PRWEB) May 26, 2005 -- Eau-Non LLC, A New Jersey Based company (Pronounced ONO) has recently invented and Patented a brand new product for the shower accessory market. Trademarked "Snap!", this innovative system attaches to the vertical edges of any standard shower liner and prevents water damage by actually sealing the liner to the shower wall, yet it can be opened and closed like a shower door, without the high cost and maintenance associated with shower doors.

One of the problems many of us face, is that shower curtains by design, are inefficient at best. It seems that no matter what we do, water always finds a way onto the bathroom floor. There is not a product on the market that actually keeps the water inside the shower. None of the magnets, deflectors, clamps, or other gadgets really work. We still end up wetting the wall with our hand and rubbing the edge of the liner against the wall in a feeble attempt to seal it. Water inevitably ends up on the floor, or on the walls, and over time can become a huge problem for both homeowners, and commercial establishments, such as the hotel industry.

Over time, water can find it's way through small cracks in grout, under walls and carpeting, causing rotting and mold. What seemed like no big problem last year, can evolve into a huge problem this year, through accumulated water penetration. Today, the expense of repairing even a small residential bathroom can be enormous. A typical hotel of fifty to one hundred rooms can expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars repairing water damage from leaky shower liners.

Until Now, there really has been no alternative. Many of us have even resorted to paying the expense of installing shower doors out of liner leakage frustration, from constantly having to clean up wet and slippery floors every time we take a shower, only to realize in the end that we are no better off.

Many shower doors and enclosures are difficult to clean, attract mold and mildew, cost us ten times, or more than our good old liner, and the shower doors often aren't watertight either. Many have plastic or rubber seals that leak, or are missing, hinges and spaces between glass panels leak constantly, posing a safety threat from slipping, and we end up with a soapy scum buildup on doors, seals and hardware.

The Snap! Curtain Retention System, By Eau-Non can save both homeowners and commercial establishments a lot of frustration, and money by greatly reducing the amount of water that leaks out of your shower, which saves on repairs. Less water leakage means less water damage.

Snap! installs in minutes, usually with no tools, can be removed in about five seconds for liner cleaning, mildew resistant, and the clear system matches any decor. Snap! is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to a naked shower liner, and glass doors.

The effects of water damage also pose a threat to our health and our environment because black mold can cause respiratory illness, our land fills and oceans are becoming increasingly burdened from construction debris, and waterlogged waste materials such as carpet, drywall, wall paper, furniture, adhesives, tiles, and other rotted or broken materials.

Snap! is made in the USA from materials that are impact resistant, mildew resistant, tolerate most household and commercial cleaners, and contains no lead or heavy metals in it's formulation.

Snap! is a brand new product and is not yet available in stores. It can be purchased online at their secure online store at: www.eaunon.com

About Us: Eau-Non is a new company, based in New Jersey, USA
We pride ourselves on making safe, durable, quality, American made products that solve a problem. Snap! is Proudly made in the USA. We support American workers.

Contact Info: Eau-Non LLC
P.O. Box 370
Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey
USA 08734

Additional: Hotels can protect their investment by utilizing our single system on the shower head side of the shower. The shower head side loses the majority of water, therefore by sealing it, you greatly reduce water loss. The customer can enter and exit form the open side of the shower, as usual. There is nothing to learn, as the system is so simple to use, anyone can do it. Just push closed and pull open.

Company: Eau-Non
Country: United States
Contact: Rick K
Website: www.eaunon.com
Bus E-Mail: e-mail protected from spam bots
Phone: 609-971-1806

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/5/prweb244483.htm