Efficient Technology Sales, LLC Announces Agreement to OEM ProTech FasNSeal Vent Pipe

Efficient Technology Sales, importer of WaiWela (ViVela) gas tankless water heaters by Paloma, announces that it will make ProTech FasNSeal Category III stainless steel vent pipe available to its customers.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) January 14, 2005 -- Building on the enthusiastic reception its WaiWela PH28R gas tankless water heater has received, Efficient Technology Sales, LLC announces that it will offer ProTech Systems' FasNSeal Category III stainless steel vent pipe to its customers. “We're devoted to education, safety, and customer service,” says Neil Greenzweig, president of ETS. “We do everything in our power to educate everyone in the supply chain about what constitutes a safe, proper installation of our product. Fan assisted gas appliances require Category III vent to prevent harmful emissions from entering the living space. Using anything else is foolishly unsafe.”

Greenzweig goes on to explain that many plumbing wholesalers prefer to buy vent pipe from the same company that sells them the water heaters. “We're delighted to be able to offer ProTech FasNSeal,” he says. “It's a top product from a great company that we have dealt with for years.” FasNSeal features a smooth weld seam inside and out, and a built-in mechanical locking band and gasket. Lengths are pushed together to a stop bead, creating an air- and water-tight joint.

About Efficient Technology Sales, LLC
Efficient Technology Sales, LLC, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, was formed to capitalize on: its founders' twenty-seven years' experience with tankless water heater technology; its long-time association with Paloma Industries, LTD; and its commitment to promoting technologically-advanced, environmentally-friendly heating technologies.

About ProTech Systems, Inc.
ProTech Systems, Inc., of Albany, New York, will celebrate its 20th anniversary in August, 2005. ProTech Systems' experience with AL29-4C, the super-ferritic stainless steel from which FasNSeal is made, dates back to 1986. FasNSeal has been offered since 1997, and has gained wide acceptance in the heating and ventilation industries.

About Paloma Industries, LTD
Paloma Industries, LTD, headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, is a fourth generation privately owned company that is the world's largest manufacturer of gas appliances.

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/1/prweb197152.htm