How Five Boston brothers out “caulk” gunned business giants GE and ICI.

Five brothers have developed a new patented self-opening nozzle for adhesives and sealants. Smartnozzle makes opening cartridges simple and easy. The patent rights to this invention are up for auction.

WAYLAND, MA (PRWEB) July 8, 2005

Sealant and adhesive cartridges have always been hard to open for both consumers and construction professionals alike. The five brothers solved this problem by patenting Smartnozzle™ - a self-opening nozzle design. Almost one billion cartridges are sold each year under major brand names like Liquid Nails™, GE Sealants™ and DAP™.

The five Jackman brothers designed a set of plastic teeth into the nozzle design so that pumping the caulk gun handle pushes the contents and the seal onto the teeth. It is so simple, elegant and inexpensive that they went on to create full working samples using hand made parts and jigs. When shown the samples 72% of users said they would switch to the product with Smartnozzle. Preference at that level is a marketing dream.
See http://www.jgk-re-investor/smartnozzle.php for more information.

The Problem with Cartridges
Virtually every cartridge is opened the same way. You cut off the end of the plastic nozzle and poke something down the nozzle to pierce the foil seal. Does that sound easy? Well imagine that you are on a roof trying to fix a shingle with roofing adhesive. You realize you have nothing to poke down the nozzle to break the seal. Ask any experienced builder--it happens all the time.
So you try a nail you have in your pocket but it isn’t long enough or thin enough.
You try a twig from an overhanging tree but that isn’t smooth or straight enough.
You trudge down to the basement and eventually settle on a piece of coat hanger. And hallelujah, that works!
But it should not be this difficult!
And now you have a piece of hanger wire covered with sticky goo (a technical term) so what do you do with that? The product is both smelly and toxic. A rag? Some leaves? Your pant leg? It has created another problem. The companies are well aware of the mess, inconvenience and environmental problems as their customer service groups have high level of calls about it but just couldn’t solve it. The problem is somewhat analogous to the issues created by the old ring-pulls on cans.

Benefits to Users and Companies
Consumers have an easier, cleaner and more convenient cartridge.

Manufacturers get:    
a) minimal switch over costs
b) minimal additional per part costs
c) a clear defensive or offensive strategic marketing advantage
d) a high brand preference. 72% of users would switch to the product with Smartnozzle.

Ironically the brothers who have over 150 years of experience in furniture making and construction have had trouble marketing this in the U.S. While the companies that produce the end product like ICI, are very interested, the key U.S. packaging suppliers Sonoco and Caraustar have shown only moderate interest and without them Smartnozzle won’t get made in the US. The brothers now think that Smartnozzle is most likely to be sold to a foreign buyer.

John Jackman who has worked in construction and furniture building for over 30 years said “The benefits of Smartnozzle are obvious so we are disappointed. We still hold out hope that a US "white knight" will see the potential and save the day".

Regardless the brothers firmly believe that Smartnozzle is an idea “whose time has come”. So, in what they believe is a first for the packaging industry, the brothers have decided that the two Smartnozzle patents will be auctioned. Notifications have already gone out to interested parties in the U.S. and overseas. The auction closes at the end of July.

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Patents 6,029,856 and 6,578,737

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