Clean Your Way to a Better Weld

Acetone free EZ Wipes™ improve weld quality

(PRWEB) June 22, 2005 -- The online welding and cutting accessories superstore, adds EZ Wipes™ to its line of high-performance welding accessories. Whether you’re welding a specialty alloy, or a metal like titanium, or you just want to optimize your weld quality, proper preparation of your base metal is essential. With EZ Wipes™, fabricators loosen dried contaminants with the abrasive side of the pre-saturated lint-free fabric, and reveal a ready-to-weld surface with the smooth side. These acetone-free wipes come in a convenient canister ready to clean away contaminants like oil, ink, tar and wax as well as heavy grease and paint, maximizing weld quality.

According to company founder and president Jim Watson, the EZ Wipes™ are a great addition to any weld shop. “Our customers are welding everything from motorcycles and jet engine parts, to yacht towers. Even weekend welders are working with specialty metals like stainless steel and titanium where eliminating contamination is critical. These wipes are environmentally safe, and can be thrown out in the regular trash, unlike solvent soaked rags.”

EZ Wipes™ come in two sizes, the handy Toolbox, a small canister for carrying in the field, and the FabShop economy size.

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