Early 20th Century Collection of Hand Carved Chinese Antiques to be Sold

An unprecedented collection of early 20th century Chinese Cinnabar Lacquer due for sale.

Loomis, CA (PRWEB) June 17, 2005 -- Perhaps the largest collection of antique Asian lacquer products in the world is being made available to dealers and galleries. Purchased by Jaeger Carved Arts, Ltd., nearly three decades ago, through an exclusive export agreement with the Peoples Republic of China, the pre 1950 artifacts are in original packaging and are in nearly pristine condition. Retiring president of Jaeger Carved Arts, Ltd., Irwin Jaeger, quickly became occupied with other business interests after purchasing the hand crafted lacquerware, resulting in an extended storage of the fine artifacts at a Los Angeles facility. Now, the retiring Mr. Jaeger is offering the entire collection for sale in one large lot. Offered at the original decades old cost of $800,000 (not including duties or freight charges), Mr. Jaeger, will consider all offers.

The process of creating a single piece of Chinese Lacquer requires elaborate hand work and complicated artistry by accomplished masters. The Lac tree (grown in Central and Southern China) exudes a resin that has remarkable properties. Besides brightness and luster, it holds a certain quality of preserving the material upon which it is applied. The lacquer is applied evenly on a base of either copper or bronze. Each coat must be allowed to dry five hours in a damp chamber. In general, it requires one hundred to several hundred coats of lacquer before carving can begin. The complete process takes several months to over a year to create a single piece.

The Cinnabar Lacquer antiques from China were crafted between the years 1900 and 1950. The inclusion of original packaging and large numbers of sets (with two or more pieces per box), greatly increase the value to collectors. An estimated 4700 boxes of sets and individual vases, plates, dishes, etc, are included as well as larger pieces such as life size Foo Dog statues, a six panel screen, and life size carved horses.

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Source : http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/6/prweb252292.htm