Meter Equipment Mfg. P-72 Copolymer Flow Meters Provide Economical Metering of Chlorine and Caustics

MEM's P-72 Styrene Copolymer heavy bodied meters are specifically designed for demanding applications including chlorine, hot wet chlorine gas, chlorine dioxide, sodium hydroxide, high pH sodium hypochlorite, and brines. Previously limited to select OEM accounts, these flowmeters are now offered to the entire chlor-alkali market, along with wastewater treatment plants, chemical processors, and other users of harsh chemicals.

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) June 28, 2005 -- MEM's P-72 Flowmeters provide a tough, simple, and accurate flow metering solution for chlor-alkali fluid service. These heavy bodied flowmeters are specifically designed for demanding applications including chlorine brines, hot wet chlorine gas, chlorine dioxide, sodium hydroxide, high pH sodium hypochlorite, and other chlor-alkali applications. Previously custom manufactured for electrolytic cells in the production of chlor-alkali and chlorate chemicals, an engineer in one division of Occidental Chemical called them the "safety standard for chlor-alkali service.

These meters were also selected for the City of Akron's Water Supply Plant for their Sedimentation Basins Rehabilitation Project. Fluids being metered include chlorine and chlorine dioxide. MEM is the only company offering flow meters in this special material, and Akron selected them because they offered superior corrosion resistance to the chlorine solutions. Additionally, MEM's meters cost less than the meters originally specified on the job.

Depending on the service, wetted materials are all P-72 Copolymer or P-72 with titanium, electroless nickel plated T310 stainless, and Teflon internals for maximum corrosion resistance. Sight tubes may be glass, polysulfone, or P-72 (again, depending on fluid service). For all P-72 meters, an externally coupled magnetic flow indicator is used.

MEM's P-72 meters are offered in a variety of flow ranges from 1 to 300 GPM Liquid, or 20 to 3500 SCFM Gas (100 psig, 70 degree F. air equivalent). Pressure-temperature ratings are similar to CPVC. Flanged connections are standard, although NPT and socket cement connections are offered as options. Like all standard MEM Products, P-72 flow meters can be disassembled without removing the body from the pipeline to facilitate cleaning.

These thermoplastic flowmeters may also be supplied with MEM's electronic accessories, including alarms, remote 4-20mA outputs, and flow computers.

About Meter Equipment Mfg.
Meter Equipment Manufacturing (MEM) manufactures industrial Flow Meters, Flow Switches, and Flow Instrumentation. MEM flowmeters are tough simple, and accurate, and are suitable for metering water, oils, coolants, compressed air and gases, vacuum, combustion gases and atmospheres, steam, acids, and caustics.

In addition to mechanical rate of flow measurement, MEM flow meters offer options for total and grand totals, mass outputs, 4-20mA remote readouts, alarms and flow switches, plus custom engineered flowmetering systems. MEM's most popular flowmeter models are economically priced with quick deliveries.

MEM also offers calibration services for a variety of flow instrumentation. The company can calibrate liquid and gas models, with a typical calibration turn around time of less than five working days. Your inquiries regarding any application are invited.

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