IMB Enterprises, Inc. Debuts Virtual Store on the Web, "Industrial Strength Ethernet"

IMB Enterprises, Inc. is a temporary services company that offers marketing consulting to manufacturers, resellers and end users of computer network hardware. The network hardware includes wired and wireless protocol converters, gateways and bridges to industrial Ethernet from other network protocols. Industrial Strength Ethernet will sell these products directly to retail customers.

Woodstock, VT (PRWEB) July 11, 2005 -- IMB Enterprises, Inc. debuts "Industrial Strength Ethernet",, the company's virtual store (eStore) on the Internet. Mike Blonder, company President notes that "'Industrial Strength Ethernet' provides us with the necessary venue for direct product sales to end customers." Blonder goes on to note that "we've built this site to differentiate the consulting services of IMB Enterprises, Inc. from retail product sales on the web. Our consulting services include providing temporary services in the areas of market development for industrial networking hardware; marketing communications; product marketing & management; and product market research.

Industrial networking hardware products from Aboundi, Inc. and SimpleComTools are immediately available for purchase at 'Industrial Strength Ethernet.' These products include Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Ethernet Serial Bridges, WLAN Ethernet Access Points, Wireless Ethernet Network Repeaters, and 100BaseFX Ethernet single or multi mode fiber to RS232/422/485 bridges.    

The SimpleComTools COM1000 Internet Appliance (tm) is also available for purchase. The COM1000 is a machine to machine (M2M) device that can remotely take action across the Internet or World Wide Web (WWW), without operator intervention, based upon a programmed condition. For example, with the COM1000, a relay can be opened or closed to power on or off a process, based upon a condition.

Plans are in place to quickly add similar products for access to analog or digital input output (I/O) data acquisition and collection systems from Ethernet networks. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and M2M application areas will also receive further attention with product offerings. The company believes that these application areas, together with Real Time Location Services (RTLS) and Fixed Wireless/WiFi IEEE 802.11 systems will experience substantial market growth over the next near term.

IMB Enterprises, Inc.,, is based in Woodstock, Vermont. Further information about the company is available via telephone at +1 802-457-2929 or via facsimile at +1 802-910-1001.

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