American Dating Expert Refutes UK Researcher's Claim That Buying Extravagant Gifts Is The Way To Win A Woman's Affection

Nation's leading expert on dating and relationships coaches men that, 'Buying a woman gifts (or even dinner) to gain her affection is the absolute #1 way to failure!'

(PRWEB) August 11, 2005 -- This powerful statement come from Lance Mason, one of the nation's leading experts on dating and relationships. He coaches men that buying a woman gifts (or even dinner) to gain her affection is the #1 way to failure.

Mason states that having these researcher's make a claim that buying a woman extravagant gifts to win affection is not only absurd, it's terrible advice, especially during Romance Awareness Month. Mason believes that this kind of advice just feeds the myth that the way to a woman's heart is by spending money on her.

"I can teach any man to be more attractive to women in three days, without spending a dime on a woman," Mason says confidently. "I'll bet the people that did this research never leave the lab and talk to real women."

Mason has coached hundreds of men on the fundamentals of how to meet and attract women, and says, "One of the first things I teach them is never to buy gifts, dinner, or even drinks until you have bonded with a woman."

Mason goes on to explain that for most men, buying things for a woman is the only way they know to get her to pay attention to him. So the message that comes across is 'I don't have enough confidence in myself, so I am buying your affection with these gifts.'

Mason explains that he has an entire workshop devoted to teaching men how to attract the women they are interested in.

"We like to say its 40 hours of training on the first 10 minutes on an interaction with a woman," Mason said. "It takes that much time to undo the wrong ideas men have in their heads about women... ideas like these Ph. Ds in London put out."

Some of the other non-traditional idea Mason teaches are:

1. Never go to a movie on your first date. You can't get to know a woman if she's watching a movie.

2. Never ask a woman what she wants to do. Always lead. Women hate a man who's wishy washy.

3. Never plan long dates, in fact the shorter the better while you are getting to know each other. This also makes it easier to do free things and not feel the pressure to spend money on her.

Lance Mason is the founder and owner of PickUp 101 (, which provides programs for men such as the Art of Attraction, the Art of Rapport, and Everything You Know About Women is Wrong.

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