Corporate Translation Services -- The Future of Professional Translation has Arrived

Corporate Translation Services offers a unique way of doing business that is revolutionizing the translation industry. New technologies now allow fast, competitive and highly accurate translation of even the rarest languages.

(PRWEB) August 7, 2005 -- The internet has transformed modern life and has created a host of opportunities never before imagined.

Many of these exciting changes are enjoyed by businesses who have access to instantaneous communication between individuals & professionals around the world.

The translation industry in particular is benefiting enormously from this ease of communication and one company that is leading the way in this revolution is Corporate Translation Services.

Corporate Translation Services is based in Dublin, Ireland and employs hundreds of professional native speaking translators worldwide.

Until now most translation services employed a team of in-house translators who could only handle a finite amount of work at any one time. Employing such a team raises overheads and with finite resources available translations can often be costly and slow to complete.

Corporate Translation Services however, offers a much more cost effective and efficient solution. Using new technologies, Corporate Translation Services links a pool of thousands of professional translators worldwide. This means they can offer much lower prices and faster turnaround time than even the biggest and most established translation agencies.

Mike Pettigrew, founder and president of the innovative company explains "having access to a vast pool of independent professional translators around the world allows us to translate everything from simple web sites to complex technical manuals fast and within tight budgets". Pettigrew's translators work on an as needed basis and this is reflected in massive savings for the client. Not only that, translation is kept to the highest levels of accuracy by only using qualified native speaking professionals.

Mike Pettigrew explains "All our translators have a proven track record. Each member of our team understands that we will immediately stop using them if accuracy is not maintained ".

With a pool of potentially thousands of translators, Corporate Translation Services can complete even the most complex projects quickly and within very tight budgets.

Not only that, the range of languages on offer is impressive to say the least. The list includes rarer languages not offered by many companies. These include the numerous languages of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Corporate Translation Services has created a niche in this area that is particularly welcome with the recent expansion of the European Union.

So what are the most common projects undertaken by Corporate Translation Services? According to Pettigrew most requests are for business documents and those of a technical nature that require a high degree of accuracy. Another very popular service is web site translations and they can handle everything from single web pages to web sites with thousands of pages.

Corporate Translation Services offers an instant online quote facility which allows users to cost their project before uploading it for translation. Most translations are completed in only two business days and completed projects are returned by email.

Corporate Translation Services also offers a free translation service which returns instant computer generated translations. This free translation service is not recommended for important documents which should always be translated by their professional staff.

The new era of translation has finally arrived and the way is being heralded by an Irish company. Whatever your translation needs; Corporate Translation Services offers a unique service that is gradually transforming the industry and will benefit many.

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