Perhaps the dispute between Creationism and Darwin’s theory of natural selection is not as black and white as the proponents of either believe

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New Harmony, IN (PRWEB) July 13, 2005 -- Author and scientist Peter Hertli, a Ph.D., Mensan, and primarily a psychologist, wrote Beyond Darwin and Genesis from the perspective of an outsider with the ability to look dispassionately and critically at both sides of the debate about the way life began.
He begins by discussing the two “myths,” or generally accepted explanations of mysterious events: Darwin’s theories of evolution and natural selection, and the creation of earth by God.
What Hertli proposes is that both sides of the debate take the time just to consider other options. In his independent study of both Darwin’s theories and Genesis, he has found that both myths can be debunked due to their violations of natural laws and reliance on miracles. Hertli, in addition to asking readers to open their minds to new ideas, puts forward his own third myth, involving quantum mechanics and alternate universes.
In a Mensa publication review, Tom Elliott sums up this idea as follows: “Very briefly, what [Hertli] posits is: a) a creative agency initiated life on this planet and made it evolve, b) this agency does not reside in our universe, but rather in a parallel universe, and c) this agency produced the first cell by using quantum mechanical events to move and join molecules, perhaps over millions of years, and d) it used the same method to drive evolution over the past 3.5 billion years — all without breaking any natural laws.”
While his many academic qualifications and obvious intelligence are impressive, Hertli has written a book that is immensely readable and should be used as a resource in the creationism vs. evolution battle that is currently raging in school systems across the country. Beyond Darwin and Genesis is an invaluable tool for scientists, creationists, and anyone who’s even casually interested in this 150-year old debate.

About the Author

Peter Hertli holds a Ph.D. in experimental psychology, is a member of MENSA, and has been studying evolution, Darwin, and the biological sciences outside of rigid university structures for decades. His main goal in writing Beyond Darwin and Genesis is to contribute to the discussion of these matters and to open minds to the ideas of other possibilities. He recently lost his sight and continues to work and study with the loving support of his wife, Alice, and his family. This is his first book.

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