The Ark of Millions of Years Is the "Intelligent Design" Handbook; Read The Greatest Story on the Universe

Evolution and creationism both have pieces missing. The authors of The Ark of Millions of Years solve the mystery by combining ancient writings, modern physics and incredible writing style in this national best seller.

(PRWEB) August 21, 2005 -- Was the Earth formed by the Creator's intelligent design? Religious teachers say yes. Some scientists say no. If you ever wondered how a planet could be built and moved from its origin and placed so perfectly into orbit, complete with a perfectly sized and positioned moon, you need to read this book. Modern physicist, Brooks A. Agnew, PhD, and EJ Clark have produced what critics are calling the most comprehensive book of creation ever written.

You will learn how a collapsed star forms a black hole; the most powerful gravitational body in the universe. You will discover how a massive spinning black hole forms a transdimensional doorway from one point in the universe to another. You will learn how the ancients knew how the earth arrived here from its origin, and how this journey affects us today.

You will learn what made the freemasons so powerful and so feared by their enemies. Though they were nearly exterminated by warfare and jealousy, they survived to see their dream of the New Jerusalem become a reality. The pyramids, the Mayans, the common origin of all of the myths and legends of all the ages are put into perspective for the reader. Learn the truth about the Nephilim, ancient giants, and even the origin of the Jews and their symbolic star of David.

Everyone knows that mankind is on the threshold of becoming a new being. Discover irrefutable proof that we have been to this point in our development before and failed. The authors believe we can succeed this time if we can gain the priceless knowledge contained in this book. Learn once and for all that your potential is absolutely unlimited. Find out who you really are, and what you can become.

You must read this book this year. The authors have been hugely successful with numerous syndicated interviews. All online bookstores and hundreds of bricks & mortar booksellers are carrying this national best seller, and many thousands of readers have realized what you will know too. You will never look at the stars, yourselves, or your scriptures the same again. This book changes everything. The foundations of churches and sciences are cemented into one grand design restored to our vision in this landmark publication.

Was the prophecy, signified by the Grand Sextile Astrological alignment of November 2003, correct? Has the truth of the origin and destiny of the earth been restored by the tremendous work of these authors? Find out. Read the book.

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