Independent Media Health Site Experiencing Wild Popularity Growth from Truth Publishing Reveals its Recipe for Independent Media Success.

(PRWEB) August 10, 2005 -- In barely over a year, has grown from zero readers to over half a million monthly visitors. It has quickly become one of the most popular natural health sites on the web. Its Alexa rating is 11,984, putting it ahead of the sites of Dr. Andrew Weil ( and Deepak Chopra ( What's bringing so many readers to this independent media site? offers a mix of content for seekers of answers to health problems. On the site, readers find an unusual combination of hard-hitting news, off-the-wall commentary, product reviews and outrageous satire generally targeted at the FDA or various drug companies.

Among the FDA bashing and accusations that drug company executives are criminals, there's something you won't find on animated banners. In fact, the site bans pop-ups, pop-unders, and animated graphics of any kind. Its index page is, miraculously, 100% free of any ads whatsoever.

Further, neither the publisher (Truth Publishing) nor the writers of site content accept any kickbacks, commissions or affiliate fees for products covered by the site. The result? Raw reporting that hits home with readers and definitely rings of personal authenticity, if not outright passion. Here, you're just as likely to find an outrageous expose on counterfeit Hoodia gordonii (a weight loss herb) as you are an article that reveals insider details on the Vioxx painkiller scandal.

NewsTarget's content is, without a doubt, raw, radical and rambunctious. But it certainly isn't making any friends in the halls of organized medicine. Still, there's no denying NewsTarget may have hit upon a recipe for indy media success: raw content, no annoying ads, and relentless passion for sharing an authentic vision with readers.

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